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Got a question? We're here to help!

- Why Shickasheen?

It's the name of the creek that runs along the edge of the property. "Shickasheen" is believed to be a Native American/Narragansett Tribe word for "great spring".

- Can I bring you the plastic pots back?

No, we do not take back plastic pots. But you can recycle rigid plastic pots under 5 gallons in your recycling per RI Resource Recovery. However, you can not recycle flimsy pots that easily tear like four packs. 

- Can I bring my dog?

Because we bring our dog to work with us, we ask that you please leave your dog at home. Our dog, Riley, loves coming to work with us. If you see a reddish brown dog with a tail that curls up, that's her. She might bark at you at first but she just wants her butt scratched. Just don't touch her ears - they're sensitive. 

- Do you sell produce?

We do not sell produce. Our neighbors across the street, The Cottrell's, do have a farm stand. They are usually out there daily around noon starting towards the end of July and through the fall.


- Are you associated with the farm/farm stand across the street?

Many believe we are the same farm but we are not! We're just neighbors. 

- Do you sell trees or shrubs?

We do not carry trees and we're just starting to carry shrubs/bushes. Call us or stop in for our availability.

-Do you carry houseplants?

We sure do!

-Are you accepting any new vendors in your store?

We do not do consignment and only buy wholesale. You can send us an email with your information, website and how to order if you are interested in us carrying your product in our shop. Please also be on the lookout for future artisan markets.

-Do you accept credit cards?

Yes! We also accept Apple Pay.

Have another question? Hop over to our contact us page and send us a message!

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